Logan is my best friend that’s a guy. He treats me better than my own brother does, well sometimes. I think of him as my own brother because we always get in fights and stuff like that. He says that his mom was going to take us to the opening showing to The Hunger Games. I am so excited I hope that Logan isn’t pulling my leg.

SOLS~Evolution of Dance

The evolution of dance and songs is amazing how much they have changed.Way back when it was dirty to talk about holding a person’s hand, and now a days if someone sings about holding another person’s hand that song would be a joke.

Dance moves have changed too. They have changed from slow dance to head banging stuff and now well I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s not like it used to be. How does it change, why can’t people just stay with one thing, for instance if somebody has a new dance move it doesn’t mean that it has to change the generation of dance.

SOLS~ Lily

Lily is our family puppy we just got her a couple of months ago. The first time we saw her my family was in the living room. My mom just let her wonder in she was checkin things out when all of a sudden my little brother GASPED! We look and there she is just sitting on the livng room floor, she is so tiny only weighing 3 pounds, as we look into her bright blue eyes. She was a jack russell tarier and a wire terior.As soon as we got her I started saying Lily she was getting used to the name. Everyone else wanted to name her Bella, but I perswaded everyone thats how she got her name.

That night we didnt haave a cage or anything for herto sleep in. She was so tiny we put a blanket in the laundry basket and called it good. So the first night we got a dog she slept in a laundry basket. The next morning we had school Lily was up with us and she was a ball full of joy. As we were leaving for school my nephew came over because my mom babysits him. I watch his face as his eyes light up. He screams he says “whats its name” “Lily” as i reply.He repeats me yily pie.

A few weeks later she is so hyper so fast she can barley jump up on the couch. She has some trouble getting down, as she jumps off the couch she nails her face on the floor. She is getting bigger she nows weighs 4.5 pounds but she is still tiny.

Now she weighs 6 pounds. She has a scrufy old man beard blue eyes her wiery fur. As her eyes glow up as we ask her if she wants a treat. That is my puppy Lily.

SOLS ~ Basketball

Time out as our coach yells. There’s 7 seven seconds left of the game, we’re down my two so we need to make a three to win.”Run Sideout” as our coach tells us.

 I stay up top in case they vant get it in. The ball was passsed to Madision, Madison passed it to me 5 seconds left. My heart is pounding as the sweat drips off my face. I look no ones open, and no one is guarding me. I’m at the three point line. I square up look at the basket and shoot… everyone stops and looks is it in or is it out. My heart starts beating out of my chest… its in I actually made it!Everyone is jumping for joy!

BEEEEEPPP the buzzer goes off everyone comes running out to the court screaming! It was the biggest group hug I had ever gotten. My coach was almost in tears half of the team was crying for joy including me. It was so amazing we won by one. I will never ever forget that moment.