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New York Times

Syria Defy Leaders to Aid Those in Need

By: The New York Times

This article is about a group taking supplies to people who need food clothing etc. This group is lead by a shepherd going through backroad dirt pathes and more.

Two women were takin in broad dayligt last month, this month a son of a doctor was takin as well. Aother man was arrested fro taking easter chocolate to send to christan children.


NPM~ Day 24






Run,Hit,Home Run

Hit,Home Run,Water

Home Run,Water,Tired


Tired, Outfield, Pop-fly

Outfield, Pop-fly,Catch


NPM~Day 10

This picture reminds me that I’m going to have another niece or nephew. The baby is suppose to be born on November 15. That’s when deer season starts. My brother told his wife that he might not make it, because he would be hunting and you can’t just run out of the woods because other people are hunting and you don’t want to get shot. I think he was joking around though.


It was a school night and I was having Maddie over. I was taking a shower. Then she got in,while I was getting dressed I herd my sister in-law and my sister come in. Maddie was coming upstairs to get dressed and she said “Hey Lex Jenny(sister in-law) and Jade(sister) are here to pick up Carson.
I was thinking why are they here because Brad (my brother) was here to get him.

Maddie and I came downstairs and Carson was in the bathtub. Jenny (Carson’s mom) was getting him out and get him dressed. When Carson was all dressed I looked at his shirt and it said I’m gonna be a big brother!! I was so happy I’m gonna have another niece or nephew! I gave Jenny a big hug and said “CONGRADULATION”! Maddie was pretty happy to, but you should’ve seen Brad’s face (Jenny’s husband, my brother). Right away when Carson found out he said ” I gonna have a wittle sista”. We dont know what the baby is yet but I want it to be a little baby girl!

Right then and there we celebrated Brad and Jenny’s pregnancey. Well Jenny’s pregnancey.



Ever since I did a project on zebra’s in fifth grade they have inspired me. There are three different kinds of zebras, Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra,and Grevy’s Zebra. Three point nine million years ago the closest thing to a zebra was a horse. The zebras have adapted to the environment very well.


Today it is the Dowling Dance. My dress is hot pink it’s tight at the top then loose around my legs. My hair is going to me a waterfall braid on both sides most of my hair is going to be pulled back and all of it is gonna be curled.

I herd that half of the gym is going to be lit up. I hope that I’m wrong because if its lit up the they can’t put on the strobe lights or anything.



Jorie is one of my best friends. We are both point guards in basketball we are both setters in volleyball and she is funny and really nice. Jorie and I have been friends for a really long time. We have so many memories together.

One of our memories it was at my house when my grandpa lived with us because he had just gotten divorced so his horse was there to in my barn. The horse’s name is PJ.

It was just warming up so my grandpa was getting PJ out from the barn. Jorie and I were watching when all of a sudden PJ comes bolting out of the barn jumping up and down bucking. Then all of a sudden he started farting! Jorie and I were probably in kindergarten so we just thought that was the funniest thing ever. We were rolling around on the ground because we were laughing so hard.

That is one of our memories that we will never forget.


Logan is my best friend that’s a guy. He treats me better than my own brother does, well sometimes. I think of him as my own brother because we always get in fights and stuff like that. He says that his mom was going to take us to the opening showing to The Hunger Games. I am so excited I hope that Logan isn’t pulling my leg.

SOLS~ Lily

Lily is our family puppy we just got her a couple of months ago. The first time we saw her my family was in the living room. My mom just let her wonder in she was checkin things out when all of a sudden my little brother GASPED! We look and there she is just sitting on the livng room floor, she is so tiny only weighing 3 pounds, as we look into her bright blue eyes. She was a jack russell tarier and a wire terior.As soon as we got her I started saying Lily she was getting used to the name. Everyone else wanted to name her Bella, but I perswaded everyone thats how she got her name.

That night we didnt haave a cage or anything for herto sleep in. She was so tiny we put a blanket in the laundry basket and called it good. So the first night we got a dog she slept in a laundry basket. The next morning we had school Lily was up with us and she was a ball full of joy. As we were leaving for school my nephew came over because my mom babysits him. I watch his face as his eyes light up. He screams he says “whats its name” “Lily” as i reply.He repeats me yily pie.

A few weeks later she is so hyper so fast she can barley jump up on the couch. She has some trouble getting down, as she jumps off the couch she nails her face on the floor. She is getting bigger she nows weighs 4.5 pounds but she is still tiny.

Now she weighs 6 pounds. She has a scrufy old man beard blue eyes her wiery fur. As her eyes glow up as we ask her if she wants a treat. That is my puppy Lily.